Everyone wants your money. That’s why people want you to just trust in the experts. They are trying to sell something. A financial advisor might say you should buy this investment product and such. A stock broker will tell you to buy this stock or to sell this stock. A real estate broker will tell you the market will boom so you’ll buy property and the market is down if you’re trying to sell it. Apple’s iPhone 5 came out and it looks awesome just like it’s predecessors did. Remember the iPhone 4 or the 4s? The one you just bought? Apple wants you on an upgrade cycle. Haters used to say don’t buy an iPhone it’s too expensive your money is better placed elsewhere. Today haters will tell you to buy an android, a blackberry or a windows phone which is equally expensive. Awesome advice. Go spend your money because it makes sense because I’m an expert.

How many people tell you to keep your money?

I had a conversation with a rich guy he told me not to think of buying a house or a car until I had the cash in the bank to pay it. I had one with another rich guy who told me to keep my money because it flows out like water. These guys who could buy a car every week told me not to buy things while financial experts told me I should spend it. Figures huh.

I’m friends with an executive of a multinational company on Facebook and his wife is a doctor. He posted on his status message that he doesn’t have the budget to buy an iPhone five yet. It makes me tell myself I should be as smart as him when it comes to money. I know people who Earn slightly above minimum wage but are in debt an monthly financial obligations because they have an iPhone and a Mac. If its not a gift from parents then perhaps they went broke just to buy it or will possibly be broke in the future unless they changed.

I went out with a really smart girl. She told me money will not buy me happiness. I shouldn’t think of buying as much.

My dad scolded me for wanting a MacBook a few years ago. He pointed out my gadget envy and my desire to show of. I just thought a Mac would be awesome to use. He didn’t bother to ask me why. But he was right. He knew the effect the marketing had on me. My friend at work is a son of a tycoon who entered the corporate wold because he was bored. Every time we discussed Apple products and I pointed out how awesome so and so feature is he told me Apple has awesome marketing and they got me to believe what they wanted me to believe.

Financial coaches are selling seminars they want your money too. We should listen to the experts so all will be well.

For some reason people I know with a bazillion times more money than me told me to keep my cash and not to buy into the bullshit. Is everyone bullshitting you into buying something or are there a few people bullshitting you into not buying something?

Who will you believe?

Thank you for reading.

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