A year ago I wrote this post on my laptop and eventually lost the file in my drafts. I found this today and I believe it is still relevant today as it was when I wrote it. This was before I got the iPod touch. Here goes.

When I started blogging, I had a crazy case of gadget envy. I wanted a laptop (Macbook Air) to type my blog posts in. I wanted to write posts on an iPhone on the fly. Despite that I still began minimal changes. I wrote the posts by hand then type them to post from a computer shop or during lunch time at work. That’s how I’ve been working from the start.

When I didn’t have a laptop I brought everything notebooks papers, printouts reference materials and stuff. I bought a whole bunch. When I became a minimalist I digitized most of my paper which have me a huge amount of free physical space. I also forced myself to carry less.

Eventually I’ve been able to get a laptop and I saved everything there. I totally forgot about my 8 gig data limit and became a digital hoarder. Having a laptop allowed me to carry my music, movies, etc. I have a platform to write my post, draw comics, bring a music and movie player, surf the web and carry my photo albums with me. I am super thankful for it.

Having a laptop however, hadn’t moved my blog forward. I carry it around everyday and end up being too tired to write a post. I did so for several months imagining that I’d be working from coffee shops and internet hotspots.

I was wrong then I lusted for an Iphone or an Ipad so it’ll be lighter. Suddenly, I told myself to stop.

I wrote down these rules on my small notebook: Leave the laptop if: Not watching movies where you’re bringing it. Not transferring large urgent files Not needing to upload stuff you can’t do at home. Not showing off your music or picture collection. You just wanted to show it off and nobody asked you to bring it.

Return to writing for your blog and do most of your writing on your notebook (you know the paper based notebook)

Bringing my laptop is heavy and stressful. I’ve left my laptop at home for a few weeks and I realized that doing so allows me to:

Move freely **- even an ultra portable laptop is heavy (3lbs) especially if you bring it around everyday and commute. **Work when I work - I have a day job and I blog. I can’t blog at work or focus on my blog between breaks or during some of my errands after work. I decided to just write on my laptop at home in the morning or before going to bed and just use a notebook for writing on the fly. Present Where I am- I only do one thing at a time and became really efficient at it. I removed personal files at work and just worked on what I was doing. My productivity soared through the roof.

Do you have other reasons to leave the laptop at home? Consider sharing in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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