Whatever happens to you in your life you must remember to never be cruel. Too often we have an excuse to be cruel. Sometimes we’re going after what makes us happy and we unknowingly become cruel to the people close to us. In some cases, we got hurt in the past and we’re trying to prevent ourselves from being hurt so we respond to a similar situation by being cruel. I admit doing this to myself and people close to me. This post is more of a reminder to myself to never be cruel no matter what. In my experience cruelty is rarely inflicted in lack but rather in abundance or on the road to abundance. Don’t be cruel. Let them abandon others as they go after what they want but let that person not be you. Let let them pick on others to test their power but let that person not be you. Let them inflict pain to others freely but let that not be you.

During tough times I tell myself that I encounter extra large problems because God created me with with extra abilities and He knows I can handle it and if not He will be more than willing to tag in and back me up.

As you achieve more, always remember that although they may act tough, others feel pain too. Don’t be cruel.

Thank you for reading.

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