In a lot of cases, when doing something that matters, we make a bad decision and move forward without thinking. In the process sometimes we get end up hurting the people we care about or ruining the project we worked so hard to build.

It’s hard to admit the cause of the mistake when we know that it’s something easily avoidable.

I let myself put more value on my expectations more than our relationship.

Or simply put, I got impatient.

Feels good doesn’t it. Like you don’t need to hold your breath anymore. Now that you’ve had this epiphany doesn’t that make you feel that people who got impatient at you should apologize for doing so like you’re doing right now?

Keep dreaming. Like that will ever happen. I wrote this for myself and for you. We’re both going to encounter this situation a lot. Knowing we get impatient and holding back whatever impulsive thing we’re about to do puts us at the advantage by taking back our control after we seem to have lost it.

Thank you for reading.

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