The message above is the kind of love I’d like to copy. It’s unconditional and at the same time you can’t shake the thought of what if I gave love that way or what if everyone loved that way.

I haven’t fully copied it yet. I consider myself just starting.

The challenge I experience is that some people treat it as a bad thing. Friends will advice against it and that you should leave some love for yourself. Or think of yourself some more. Or they will call you a martyr.

On occasion doing people favors scare them away like lending or in some cases giving them money. I also experienced people disappearing completely after forgiving them for doing something I absolutely hate.

This may happen again and again in my lifetime but I shouldn’t discourage me from loving, giving and forgiving.

In the past there are a lot of cases where I received forgiveness and favor. I also wanted to disappear and not saying thank you. Later on I realized that the least I could do is say thank you, get closer to that person and pay it forward.

Church friends have a term they goes something like getting the gift and ignoring the Giver. We don’t just do that to God. We do it to people too. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying there could be a better way. In a lot of cases people don’t do favors to get something but it would make them really happy if the good given was acknowledged.

What are you thankful for? Who did you receive it from? What happened next?

Thank you for reading.

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