I consider two days ago as the saddest day of my life. No matter what I do there’s nothing that could bring back the past. I don’t have a time machine to change things. The future is still unknown for me. My inability to cry or express negative emotions like sadness makes it seem for me that I feel it ten times as much. Its not everyday that I just imagine myself crying because I can’t despite wanting to. I felt like the dumbest person in the world. I’m pretty slow at getting things so I just do what I can even if it means doing things really really slow. I feel tired from imagining myself crying all the time. I can think if all the reasons but that’s not going to help. I realize my dad’s advice last Christmas that “failure is a victory because it gives you an opportunity to try other things.” As I sit back, I remember that too many people still depend on me. People will leave whether I like it or not an it’s not my fault despite wanting it to be. Too many things are out of my control so I better work on what I can right now and let God handle the rest. I’m not a soap opera writer so I should just…

Drop the drama and move forward.

Thank you for reading.

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