the day this photo was taken, I was supposed to be somewhere else with someone I like but wouldn't see in a while.

Shortly after the drama started I made contact with an old acquaintance from school and we became friends. I learned a while back that when you’re depressed it will subside when you do people favors. I picked this new friend because she was the most accessible because I can walk to her place if I felt like going out for food or tea. I picked up going to Serenitea from her. I took her shopping (for my new clothes) when the first round of depression hit and she became a food buddy and one of our companions in my broke travel adventures. She and her bf became part of my broke travel buddies. What made her stand out was that she gave me advice that was pretty hard to swallow. Unlike Ralph who’s pretty suave at explaining things, her’s was pretty much in your face and straight to the point. I’m not used to being scolded. Seven months pass and I find her in the same boat as I was. Me seeing myself in her situation. Hearing my words come out of her and hearing words from the story about the guy who left came as if it were déjà vu. I wanted to give her advice but I can’t since I make it a point to share from experience and my results in the area aren’t something to be proud of. I decided to just give time and wait for her answer. Two days after I got the answer and it looks like I’ll be in the same boat as my new friend. I wish I knew what to say but I don’t know. Trusting God is easier said than done. Despite that the good news is that when God is involved, the miracles does not depend too much on our ability but His. That’s all I hold on to. God loves us. He has a plan. He doesn’t make mistakes.

Your prayers are much appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

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