In my observation, people who call on God always get their needs met. It doesn’t matter how sometimes it feels lacking or some are getting more than the others. The needs are met. Counting your blessing has nothing to do with settling by being thankful. Our sarcastic selves will say, how come there are rich and how come there are poor, I say if you genuinely care put your money where your mouth is and share your blessings. I was in the province when I read this. I noticed how despite the lack I jobs and maybe education in a fishing village in Batangas, the place didn’t seem to have people who are hungry. In fact these guys without much cash can throw bigger parties than wealthy people I know.

These guys wouldn’t care about a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari because they got all they need. Are you looking for an excuse not to be thankful because of your greed?

Needs are met and that’s all that matters.

What are you thankful for?

Thank you for reading.

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