Taken from the message translation. I’ve recently been thinking about how when you take a few wrong turns then its the end of the road for you and you’ll be stuck in a dead end forever as a result. I was pondering it as I look at my situation and where I was headed. I was proven wrong. When I got this message I realized that whenever I felt like trash I should pick myself back up. God would. I shouldn’t do differently. Often we can be cruel if we don’t see value. Key word there is “don’t see”. We don’t see everything all the time. My Chinese mentor told me before that the answer is always there you just haven’t found it yet. We shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves when things go bad. If this is how God treats trash then I guess cruelty to myself and others should be out of my system as well. I’ll untether from it.

How about you?

Thank you for reading.

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