WARNING: Strong language. Not for the faint hearted.

You can buy clarity, focus and peace of mind.


I mean buy.

How do you do it?

By throwing out all the distractions.

You read that right.

I said throw out.


Don’t recycle.

Don’t give away.

Don’t re purpose.

Throw away.

Put in the trash can.

Everyone has different areas in their life they’re “saving for that special moment.”

Stop doing it.

For your time and money…

Say no.

Name your priority. Use your priority as the reason for your rejection.

Throw our all the waste and just in case items.

If you need it, buy it again.

Forget mother earth. Forget all those lessons from your teachers and your parents teaching you not to be wasteful.

You know what’s wasteful?

Wasting your life.

Living your life in sub-optimal conditions.

Cluttered in garbage.

Distracted by the mountain of plastic containers and spoons you’re trying to recycle.

All these distractions are destroying your life.

You say life is precious.

Your life is important.

A happy you.

A wealthy you.

A productive you.

That’s an incredible contribution to the environment.

Because you are a critical component of the environment.

The best version of you is a thousand times more valuable than a struggling version of you that is drowning in garbage and distraction.

And I mean it.

I care about you.

At this moment.

Probably not most of the time but while we are having this conversation I want you to consider how valuable your life is.

Don’t go zero-waste for the sake of vanity.

Apply zero-waste to your person.

Apply zero-waste to your life by wasting anything that’s preventing you from doing anything meaningful.

That’s because your time is running out.

Yet your life is covered in garbage.

If your house will be burned in ten minutes, you’d get your family, pets and a dozen important things that you use and are important to you.

Let’s face reality.

You’re reading a minimalist article because your life is sub-optimal.

Your relationships suck.

Your spiritual life sucks.

Your finances suck.

Your ability to manage your life in general sucks.

Your productivity at work sucks.

I’m not saying that’s 100% true but I’m sure there’s some considerable dissatisfaction there somewhere.

I’m saying check this areas.

Here’s another accusation.

You’re probably using that garbage as status symbols showing off to the world how much you accumulate.

You are incapable of running a business because your management skills suck.

You have an inability to prioritize.

Stop it.

Throw it away.

Start now.

Say goodbye if you have to.

Say thank you if you have to.

Begin making space for your life now.

Otherwise try this.

Imagine that fire coming down.

Imagine your dog or loved one unable to leave your burning home because that mountain of microwavable plastic containers, all those plastic utensils and tissue you’re storing. All those plastic bags, reusable eco-bags and shoe boxes. All those buttons and old clothes and paper and extra stuff (insert items you should get rid of but have a difficult time getting rid of) have obstructed the exit. Imagine the fire beginning to burn one side and melted plastic on the other side.

Imagine yourself helpless and watching as this happens.

Imagine the most precious person in your life burning, unable to escape because of the wall of garbage.

Imagine yourself burning next.

Give it a few minutes.

Thank you for reading.

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