In a lot of cases, the first reaction is a knee jerk emotional reaction or response to something from your past.

For example:

In the past.

For the longest time.

I’ve been terrified of thinking or planning my life long term or about relationships or putting those words together.

Because I’m afraid being in a situation that after braving challenges, obstacles and making sacrificies to reach that point.

Then I’ll be betrayed at the end.

I even have a quote in my head that “what’s sad about betrayal is that it never comes from an enemy.”

I am no longer in that situation but I still get that response from time to time.

Your first response is an answer that you came up with long ago.

That you now use as a shortcut.

Instead of actually thinking of an answer.

We sometimes think that the first reaction or our honest response to a question but it’s often not true.

Instead, you can ask for some time to consider a better answer.

These days, I’d like to give my responses more thought.

Thank you for reading.

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