Eat more beef and get enough sleep.

L-Theanine helps as well.

Try these before you replace smoking with exercise.

Use strong offensive language:

You’re probably still using kind words to describe smokers.

Like it’s not so bad or “live and let die” when it comes to smokers with your internal language.

Your internal dialogue needs to change from “those smokers are a bad habit” to “those smokers are fuking idiots to not believing in science because smoking is just stupid.”

Smokers probably have some deep-seated hate for their friends and family because they decided to turn their lungs into a fucking time-bomb that will explode and cause massive damage to the family’s emotional well-being and finances in the form of hospitalization, and funeral expenses.

The fucker wants to make everyone around him miserable because he only cares about himself.

Or something to that matter…

I can go on and on but I’m worried the admin will ban me again.

I don’t say this aloud.

These sentences are crafted for my internal dialogue.

Smoking causes extreme damage to your body that it copes up by prompting you to sleep longer to repair the damage.

First thing I noticed when I stopped is I slept 7-8 and felt energetic instead of 9-11 hours and felt lethargic from when I was smoking.

I was younger then so I lost track.

If it’s any help for quitting smoking.

Cigarettes is a poor person’s vice.

There’s a lot of studies about only people who live in poor communities die from smoking.

Cigarettes are a reverse-status symbol.

Thank you for reading.

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