Small things

The small things that you do every day build your future.


Everything that happens to you is your responsibility.

Smaller Circles

Make smaller circles.

The big moves leave you open for counter attacks.

Mastering the small straightforward moves are your best bet.

Home and Work Balance

Your home responsibilities are part of your work responsibilities until they aren’t.

If you work from home and you sacrifice food prep, tidying and exercising, cut down on workhours and get the maintenance tasks in order.


Talking about goals. Talking bout how you’re only happy for two weeks after you achieve your goals.

Something about joining Bible study with the other person not comfortable leading but will lead if they have to. - Possibly a dream.


Don’t feel like studying or working

Watch this Jordan Peterson Study Motivation Video


Epic stories

Epic stories are stories about people confronting their problems.

I’m a moron.

One mistake is going to cost you a lot of money.

I’m a moron.

If you watch enough of my videos, you’ll realize that I’m a moron.

47 Hours

If you work, 13% more hours, you earn 80% more money.

That’s about 47 hours a week.

That said, I’ll need to spend 47 meaningful tasks weekly.


Deep happy and shallow happy.

What will make you happy most?

What will make you happy now?

One is usually in the way of the other.

One must be sacrificed to achieve the other.


Somewhere out there, your adversary is training.

If you stop training, you will be overtaken.


DB Snatch

Dumbell Snatch are great workouts.

20 Reps wakes you up.


Another Dream

September 5, 2020

Joe rogan.

Terminator car toy.

Visit the cemetery

Make Your Own Sausage

Tried this.

I broke both my stick blender and my traditional blender.

I need to take both those to the service center.


Transfer your wisdom to your kids through your writing.

They’ll crave it when you’re gone.

New Format

I can make posts like these to dump my notes for future use.

This is a better use of my resources than Evernote Premium and my notes app filled with unused notes.

Thank you for reading.

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