I’m really happy.

More like at peace.

Everything I wanted had been achieved.

Most of the important ones anyway.

I’m moving forward and growing to experience new things.

I’m not at the end of my journey yet and there are more things I’m going after and more minimal changes.

Here are a few things that I’m thankful for.

1. I have a steady source of income.

I have a job that pays me well. I have an income that covers my expenses.

I can pay for stuff I want. I have some savings.

It’s all good. The only time my money is not enough is whenever greed has taken over my heart.

2. I’m working on skills that I enjoy.

I’m learning how to cook, how to code, how to shape my body, how to blog and make stuff on the web, I’ll be biking soon and doing other things.

3. I’m practicing taking care of my health.

One of the reasons I’m learning how to cook is to take care of my physical, social and financial health.

Eating out is expensive where I live and most of the cheaper foods are not healthy.

If I make my own meals, I can ensure that I eat right, I save a little money and I get to invite people to the house for a meal that we get to enjoy.

I also go to the gym to get physically stronger. I notice that since I began working I pursued making money and neglected my body.

I got morbidly obese an I’m trying to change back to having a fit body.

4. I meet new people regularly and go on adventures with them.

One of my jobs taught me how to meet people. I’ve been practicing meeting someone new regularly and visiting them in person.

I learn a lot from the experience and it gives me ideas that help me build the life and the experiences that I want.

5. I am alive.

I’m not dead. Seriously I could have died several times in the past few years, despite that I’m still here.

I’m also thankful that you’re still alive and that you’re reading this. I hope you hit me up. Let’s meet and do number three or number four together.

Ditch this post and contact me! I miss you.

I hated my life the past several years but over time the pain did allow me to grow. I learned skills, I adapted new attitudes, new ways of looking at my life and new ways of living.

I did hate my life, I did feel pain and it sucks but over time I realized that there are a lot of things that I should be thankful for.

I’m putting to practice what I’ve learned about stoicism.

The way I understand it is, we are unhappy because we always expect the best case scenario that we imagine in our life.

Anything less is shit. We can have 200-300+ positive miracle level events that happen in our life and hate the day because of 2-3 things that didn’t go according to plan.

I’m not jumping to philosophy and forsaking my Christianity. I’m looking at things through another lens.

You see people say trust God, and God works for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose.

But when the most important person in your life leaves you it’s hard to see that.

It’s hard to understand. I know that what God wants for my future is a legendary one but when bad things happen it’s easy to believe the lies that say and support the opposite.

So instead of hating God, I studied some lessons about stoicism not as a basis of my beliefs but as a parable that I can use to teach myself something I don’t understand.

In the process I’m studying the fear and the pain so I can handle it more intelligently.

The short list of things I’m thankful for is something that I definitely should be thankful for.

Many people want it and don’t have it. Despite that my heart is greedy and want’s more. I am inclined to rush things and fuck myself up in the process. Everything I rushed nearly killed me (or some of my goals by causing failure). Slow and steady wins the race.

Godly Living inspired by Stoicism.

1. Thank God For Your Trials

(James 1) When you team up with God it isn’t always smooth.

You will accept challenges and many of them are hard and as you grow they get harder.

Your attitude should be that of a gamer. You see a monster, You smile, thank God and attack it like a maniac. I’m beginning to see that God allows difficulties for my benefit.

Without monsters in my life I wouldn’t level up. If you don’t have the right attitude you will begin to believe that the world is against you.

2. Learn to be comfortable in the worst case scenario

(the entire book of Job). People who are selected by God to be a blessing to others also encounter problems.

If you feel that you’re about to embark on something great, opposition is likely to appear because the opposing team want’s them back.

Good and bad experience is a matter of perception.

If you see it as a way for you to grow, then you will persevere.

If you see it as God abandoning you then you will stay emo and live like a drama queen.

Periodically expose yourself to unfavorable situations to enable you to understand that it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Your situation is not a reflection of how much God loves you.

God loves you regardless of your situation.

If you are experiencing tough times maybe God is teaching you how to take a hit.

3. In case you or I die tomorrow

(Psalm 90:12, James 4:14-15). I’ve acted like a bastard to the people I love.

I hate them and bark at them for things that don’t go as I wanted.

I consider myself a very patient person but I do get to lose my cool.

I’ve been losing my cool a lot lately this summer.

I added this line to my mental conversation. In case you or I die tomorrow.. then I add something I want to or I want you to remember this encounter as one where I loved you and we were in harmony.

God did say love your neighbor as yourself and to the smart ass, Jesus said neighbor is every human on this planet.

It’s selfish to chase after your happiness, I don’t fully agree with that philosophy anymore.

If I limit my hate response to situations and responded with love (which generally means unconditional acceptance) or creativity to solve the problem then I’d be a thousand times happier.

I’m beginning to ramble on so I’ll leave it at that.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading.

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