Sometimes you pick up a leson and it stays in your head then you genuinely realized that you need to apply it to your life.

If your answer is not “HELL YEAH!” don’t do it at all. - Derek Sivers

These days I’ve been saying yes to a lot of things.

I’m really happy where all the new experiences took me.

I noticed that I’ve been saying yes to invitations that I don’t feel like going to or activities that I don’t feel like doing.

I literally hate my life for saying “uhhhm, okay” to a lot of things.

I feel like I’m spread too thin.

I’m not doing anything meaningful because I fucked up everything I’ve done in the past few months.

I end up using resources I had previously intended to use else where.

I’m not getting enough sleep and it ruins my ability to get things done.

Here are things I don’t say often but I’m practicing to say.

  1. I don’t feel like going.
  2. I have something for that day, I’m not exactly sure what it is (or I remember that I said yes to a friend already I just have to check my calendar for to confirm) but I’ll let you know if anything changes.
  3. That’ not a priority right now (side note: don’t feel the need to tell them what they are doing. I have the error of counting the hours required and trying to squeeze the yes in. Stop! We are the worst people at estimating the time required to complete a task. One time I told a friend it would take me a few days to write an article an it’ll take me a few minutes to write one but it totally didn’t work out because I didn’t realize then that a few minutes means waking up fresh and it didn’t happen too much then because I was saying yes to too many things.)
  4. I would love to but my resources are limited (at this time). This is the real answer. I’m disgusted at myself for playing the poverty card. I always want to look good in front of my friends. Bad decision. I’m lying to people in their face. I’m actually broke. I have money. I have time but that time and money is committed or intended for someone or something else. I’m not broke as a result of spending all my money but I’m allocating my resources to what I personally want to go after.

Lately I’ve been learning from my former boss who’s a really successful Christian businessman and he has a habit of telling people he doesn’t have the money to pay for it. I felt like he’s a loaded with money and the statement is bullshit so I confronted him and called him in because I felt like lying. He told me that the reason why I’m broke is that I unconsciously use up my resources to try and please other people instead of working to achieve my goals. I need to learn to be unapologetic with what I want to do. If people tell me you run a blog that shares money advice and disclosed how I successfully saved money, I should tell them that my money goes somewhere. I don’t have to use my money to solve other people’s problems.

I’m glad I am learning this now compared to learning this in the future. What are you doing to allocate resources for your goals?

Thank you for reading.

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