I’m trying to finish my book and I’m going though all my old blog posts.

I started writing ten years ago and I found this:


Don’t insist on shortcuts.

The guaranteed way to NOT reach your goals is by taking shortcuts.

In a lot of cases, shortcuts are just ways for others to take your money.

You don’t need shortcuts.

You need honest hard work.

You need to develop your skills.

Skills build confidence.

You need both skills and confidence to do each of your tasks.

You also need time.

Don’t rush to your goal.

Work on your goal.

Enjoy the work.

Enjoy the steps.

I am praying for your success.

This is the perfect reminder.

We receive marketing messages from people trying to take our money.

The sales pitch is:

If you buy this, you’ll achieve your goals faster.

If you join me, you’ll achieve your goals faster.

I said no to shortcuts ten years ago.

Ten years later, I’m glad that I did.

The slow track acted as an ark and saved me during the pandemic.

The whole achieving your goal thing takes time to build.

The long cut is the shortcut.

The slow track is the true track.

Thank you for reading.

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