I listen to different songs to help start my mood.

My playlist includes:

  1. The intro from the Dexter tv-series.
  2. Greatest Journey - Halo soudtrack.
  3. Sacrifice by 9mm Parabellum Bullet
  4. Skyu Madoshi Shokaku Shiken - From Fairy Tail
  5. Natsu’s Theme - Fairy Tail
  6. Heaven Shaking Event - From Naruto
  7. Naruto Theme
  8. Newfound Power - Damageplan
  9. Fuwa Fuwa Time - K-On.
  10. Fantastic Dreamer - Machico
  11. Happy Party Train - Aquors
  12. Awaken the Power - Saint Aquors Snow


I listen to Joe Rogan, Freakonomics, Hardcore History, Jocko Willink, Tim Ferriss, and Derek Sivers in the morning.

These shows encourage me to get better and win the day.


I generally do the following if I’m in a hurry.

20 Burpees 20 Air Squats 60 Jumping Jacks

I follow a different program if I have more time.


I follow the daily meditation of Headspace and meditate for 5-10 minutes.

Please research “Headspace.”


I take 30 full deep breaths.

Please research “Wim Hof Method.”


I usually don’t heat water when I shower in the morning.

The shock of the cold splash is usually enough to wake me up.


I write my thoughts as soon as I wake up.

I trap my worries on paper.

I make final adjustments to the plans of the day.

I review my notes.

I pray about my plans and I start my day.

What’s your morning routine?

Thank you for reading.

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