Goblin Slayer is like Batman who starts with a traumatized childhood but lives in a Dungeons and Dragons, The Lord of the Rings kind of world.

He begins his story with a quest for revenge against goblins, the street level threats of his world instead of the usual “big bad” threats like dragons and dark lords.

In the story’s fantasy world, the goblins are the lower level threats that kidnap, rape and murder villagers.

They rarely have large armies and are usually just composed of small gangs that terrorize and raid the town-folk.

1. Goblin Slayer has a specific focus.

Goblin slayer is a character focused on killing goblins.

He only accepts quests that are goblin related.

He doesn’t care about saving the world from a demon lord or evil armies.

In the story, everyone is after making a name for themselves slaying the demon lord, or the whatever big bad the story happened to have.

The goblin slayer doesn’t concern himself with these things.

Goblin Slayer doesn’t care about the news and current events unless its related to his quest of killing goblins.

2. Goblin Slayer doesn’t see goblin slaying as below him.

Goblin slayer will only fight goblins.

Everyone is focused on killing the biggest and baddest monsters and quests.

But not Goblin Slayer.

To Goblin Slayer, you can kill the heads of the snake but the goblin threat will always be there.

Lower, day-to-day threats are equally threatening problems as the demon lord bent on taking over the world.

I’ve fallen victim to grand lofty plans.

Build a big business, become a financially independent individual, own enviable things, get married and show off your wealth, become the best, most active church member, be the best kind of friend to people I care about and so on.

But in the process, I’ve neglected small things.

  • Keeping your living space neat and clean.
  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Getting exercise.
  • Eating a nutritionally rich diet of unprocessed food from the freshest sources.
  • Participating in small activities that make me happy.
  • Solving small day-to-day problems.

I focused so much on attempting to slay the dragons of my story that I lost touch of the pleasure of murdering the goblins of my story on a daily basis.

3. Goblin Slayer has the ultimate minimalist item philosophy.

Goblin Slayer’s gear is effective for the job of slaying goblins.

He does not own really fancy, expensive or exceptionally powerful items like other characters in the story.

He does not buy or keep any magical items.

There is not magic long sword that can cut through anything.

There is no indestructible armor that blocks off any kind of attack.

There is not magic item that will grant the wearer enhanced strength or speed.

Goblin Slayer wears basic armor that blocks most attacks that goblins dish out and nothing more and uses basic items like a shield, a short sword, a club, a spear and sometimes a bow, most of the time, he uses items that he picked up from goblins themselves and use those items to murder everyone.

4.Goblin Slayer understands that life is short.

To Goblin Slayer, each mission is a suicide mission.

If he dies, the goblins who kill him will wield his gear and use it against the people of the land.

And when I die, the people who killed me or the people I hate who happens to be present at the time of my death will get to keep my nice gear.

So maximizing your gear, upgrading to the highest possible option isn’t a very good idea.

You’ll want a more mindful selection for items that you use.

5. Minimum Effective Gear

I’d like to add these elements to my story and how I perceive the world.

I’m in love with fancy gear.

I tend to save up for and buy the best items whenever I can.

But after a certain point, there’s a thing called diminishing returns.

If you’re not earning or spending every waking moment using a specific item, there’s no point in buying the best.

If your objective is traveling the world, perhaps, you don’t need to own the best house or car.

You only need a good enough home or car and you might be better off renting.

Goblin Slayer has no attachments to items, often buying a new inexpensive set instead of repairing his old items.

6. Goblin Slayer is notoriously wealthy.

Because he only uses “good enough” items, Goblin slayer gets to sell any powerful items that he comes across.

Since his primary mission is goblin slaying, he doesn’t keep many “just in case items” or own any distractions.

Anything he’s not using gets converted to money.

In the same way, any item that’s nice to have is better left in the store.

There’s no point in hoarding extra plates or large amounts of tissue paper or food, as if there was an apocalypse level threat yet we respond to “sales” like we are signalling to the world that we are responsible individuals for buying an oversupply of emergency items.

7. Goblin slayer does not procrastinate.

In the story, goblins reproduce by kidnapping women, raping them, using their bodies to breed new goblins and then eating them.

So whenever Goblin Slayer accepts a mission, he will kill all the goblins, including all the goblin children.

Because goblin children who survive will grow more powerful, form a group and seek revenge.

Kill your monsters while they are small and manageable.

8. Goblin Slayer uses resourcefulness to overcome his limitations.

Goblin slayer uses his knowlede on goblin psychology and physiology not just his weaponry to kill goblins.

His armor is reinforced in the exact right places and his blocks and strikes are aimed where it will kill a goblin instantly.

Goblin Slayer uses fire, poison and even a portal spell to bring forth water or fire that will kill all the goblins in the area should he need an edge against large numbers presents itsself.

9. Goblin Slayer is capable of doing everything himself but outsources help.

Goblion slayer can do most things himself.

But he rents a farm, for his home base.

He outsources repairs to his gear to local shops.

And from time to time, he gets help to complete missions.

Because no matter how good you are at what you do, there’s going to be a limitation and we’ll need others to help us along.

Thank you for reading.

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