Goblin Slayer is like Batman who starts with a traumatized childhood but lives in a Dungeons and Dragons, or The Lord of the Rings kind of world.

He begins his story with a quest for revenge against goblins, the street level threats of his world, instead of the usual “big bad” threats like dragons, dark lords, and legendary monsters.

In the story’s fantasy world, the goblins are the lower-level threats that kidnap, rape, and murder villagers.

They rarely have large armies and are usually just composed of small gangs that terrorize and raid the town-folk.

1. Goblin Slayer has a specific focus.

Goblin Slayer is a character focused on killing goblins.

He only accepts quests that are goblin-related.

He doesn’t care about saving the world from a demon lord or evil armies.

In the story, everyone is after making a name for themselves by slaying the demon lord, or the whatever big bad the story happened to have.

Goblin Slayer doesn’t concern himself with these things.

He doesn’t care about the news and current events unless it’s related to his quest of killing goblins.

2. Goblin Slayer doesn’t see goblin slaying as below him.

Goblin Slayer will only fight goblins.

Everyone is focused on killing the biggest and baddest monsters and quests.

But not Goblin Slayer.

To Goblin Slayer, you can kill the heads of the snake, but the goblin threat will always be there.

Lower, day-to-day threats are equally threatening problems as the demon lord bent on taking over the world.

4. Goblin Slayer understands that life is short.

To Goblin Slayer, each mission is a suicide mission.

If he dies, the goblins who kill him will wield his gear and use it against the people of the land.

And when I die, the people who killed me or the people I hate who happen** to be present at the time of my death will get to keep my nice gear.

5. Minimum Effective Gear

I’d like to add these elements to my story and how I perceive the world.

I’m in love with fancy gear.

I tend to save up for and buy the best items whenever I can.

But after a certain point, there’s a thing called diminishing returns.

If you’re not earning or spending every waking moment using a specific item, there’s no point in buying the best.

If your objective is traveling the world, perhaps, you don’t need to own the best house or car.

7. Goblin slayer does not procrastinate.

In the story, goblins reproduce by kidnapping women, raping them, using their bodies to breed new goblins, and then eating them.

So whenever Goblin Slayer accepts a mission, he will kill all the goblins, including all the goblin children.

8. Goblin Slayer uses resourcefulness to overcome his limitations.

Goblin Slayer uses his knowledge of goblin psychology and physiology, not just his weaponry, to kill goblins.

Goblin Slayer uses fire, poison, and even a portal spell to bring forth water or fire that will kill all the goblins in the area should he need an edge when large numbers present themselves.

9. Goblin Slayer is capable of doing everything himself but outsources help.

Goblin Slayer can do most things himself but rents a farm for his home base.

He outsources repairs to his gear to local shops.

And from time to time, he gets help to complete missions.

Because no matter how good you are at what you do, there’s going to be limitations on what we can do, and we’ll need others to help us along.

Thank you for reading.

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