If you can’t sleep, focus or stay productive, it’s probably your room score.

Clear your environment of garbage and clutter.

If for any reason, you have strong connection to letting go of items in your home.

Consider this…

Clutter is the status symbol of the poor person.

This is actually a sequel to how I quit smoking.

It’s so short, I’ll add it here.

How to Finally Quit Smoking

This information helped me quit smoking.

Let’s start with the summary.

Smoking is something only poor people do.

According to a few articles I’ve read starting with this podcast episode.(link)

  • Wealthy people have stopped smoking.
  • Poor people have continued smoking.
  • And there are far more smoking related deaths in impoverished communities than in wealthy communities.

Here’s how I interpret the information.

  • Smokings a poor person’s activity.
  • Smoking is an activity of people with lower educational status.
  • If you’re trying to improve your life, quitting smoking is the first thing that you can do.
  • The biggest thing you can do to improve your heart health is quitting smoking and getting enough sleep according to Dr. Peter Attia.

So for me, what got me to quit is the negative status effect. The fact that it puts me on the same boat with the poor and somehow this “stigma” or impression helped me stop smoking and stayed smoke-free.

Being called “poor” has a strong enough emotional pull enough for me to take a positive action against my strongly ingrained bad habit. (smoking since grade 6 and I’m 32 at the time I quit smoking)

I’m hoping, this helps me overcome the remaining clutter in my life.

One issue I’ve had to deal with is my preference for receiving kind words as I was growing up.

Unfortunately, when I stuck to using kind words, I’ve been able to gently guide myself out of some bad habits, but deeply ingrained bad habits require stong, harsh offensive words.

A time for everything I guess.

Here are harsh words that I used so far..

Junk food is “garbage” or “the food of the slaves.”

Plants are “poison.” (inspired by vegans calling meat “murder”)

If you’re doing something that’s bad for you but you keep doing it, that is a symptom that you have a “mental illness.”

Smoking is the leisure activity of a “poor person.”

Clutter is the status symbol of the “poor person.”

Thank you for reading.

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