Minimal changes officially turned one year last month and:

My friends now officials refer to me as the minimalist who writes a blog on a bus with a small notebook an publishes on an iPod touch. The guy with less than one hundred things and can travel anywhere and bring everything with two backpacks. the guy with a few websites a twitter and a google plus account but no Facebook.

I’m really happy with the way things are.

This is what I set out to do when I started minimal changes.

I’m really thankful for the results we’ve achieved together. God provided the ideas, experiences and resources.

Jean for the kick ass theme an web design. Ralph for the other tips. And you for encouraging me by reading and giving feedback for my posts.

There’s a whole bunch of more people.

I’ll write about them next time.

In a year:

Less than 100 things

Got out of debt

A few savings accounts

My first book

My iPod touch

Built two blogs and a website

Four hundred monthly readers

100 twitter friends

100 google+ circles

Quit Facebook

Began to travel locally

For a year I preached about:

Using what you have and doing what you can.

Living on less

Going for relationships and experience instead of things.

The fact that you’re perfect already and you don’t need to add more stuff.

As I write I learned more things about how to live better without doing anything drastic to change my lifestyle and as a result minimal changes really became my personal philosophy.

It doesn’t cost that much to be happy. You just need to be creative if you want something fancy.

I’m happy just hanging out(with Ralph and other friends), writing, reading, drawing, tinkering with my site, putting money in my savings account, cheap local travel and shopping every now and then.

I’m unhappy when: I compare, don’t get enough sleep, don’t read the bible, am not thankful with what I have or become too attached to past situations.

With that in mind I’ll just play it cool and keep going.

Here are some of my the things I’d like to have and will be working on in the next few months:

An attractive body

Live on less than half of my income

Continue traveling cheap locally

Less stuff

Continue saving

Publishing my first free book

Rolling out a paid service

That’s pretty much it.

How will you be approaching your next few months?

Thank you for reading.

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