Delete or publish? -Kevin Olega

Where my idea took me.

These days I’m doing an idea declutter. I seem to have a lot on my mind. I’m getting stressed from it. Going back to smoking or discussing my ideas might not solve a thing. I need a clear head and agile mind to move forward.

I work in sales and I’m looking for a muse while I write as a hobby where I share some ideas that I’ve used in my attempts to improve myself. A few new friends had found my writing useful for them so I’m inspired to write. I set up this website and I wrote on the bus and encoded it during lunch time and published it at work. A year into it I got all the nice toys I could possibly want for writing. Its not everything. It’s 90% but I’m perfectly satisfied. New people introduce themselves and we become friends.

More ideas come.

How I'm handling my ideas

I exhaust and destroy my best work regularly or I share them. I know that no idea is perfect.

Ideas I have fill my notes (notebook, simplenote, etc) regularly.

Some ideas suck and some are awesome.

If it’s a good idea that provides value, I share it.

If not I destroy it.

I get stressed when ideas don’t flow freely.

Mental blocks are a result of mental clutter and clutter is a product of procrastination.

Whether I decide to implement it or not I need to decide where my ideas go.

I’m not afraid of my ideas being copied because there’s more where that came from.

How do you bring out your best ideas? Where have they taken you?

Thank you for reading.

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