Sometimes the source of my depression is the lack of results.  Every now and then people ask me, why I’m not successful yet. I look at my life and see how far away I am from my target. If I appreciate how far I’ve changed I feel happy about it but sometimes I notice that I’m too damn slow. Not that I’m blaming myself. I tell myself this because I realize that I can do better.

I have goals but I’m not achieving success. I’m not failing. I find myself not behaving the same way as who I am. So I ask myself. **What am I doing with my time? ** I see the truth. I’m not executing the work.  I’m not doing the tasks.  I’m too distracted. This is post is about what I’m changing.  

1. Clean up my life. What’s a mess?  Clean it up. Remove the things that don’t benefit me. Smoking.  Bad food.  No sleep. Messy room. After cleaning up you’ll get the clarity you need to focus. Clean up enough that you get yourself started then clean up some more with each break. 2. Use simple tools. I already have all the tech that I need. I just need to simplify.  I don’t need to buy anything new. Since I’m a writer I just need to write and submit  my work everyday. 3. Use a guide. Not software.  Just a paper.  What do I need to do? I have it in front of me. Make sure your guide only has everything important that you need to do.  This guide will be your map on what you need to do next. Just follow it to the letter. 4. Follow the guide. Every day I write down every task I did.  I have an accomplishment report. I write down each task as I progress.  It reminds me that I’m working.  If I don’t do this,  I watch anime and YouTube videos all day. 

Its difficult to get things done. There are too many distractions. Other than knowing what you need to do and doing it,  the only obstacle is myself. I need to be patient with myself and get myself working consistently.  If not then progress will not happen. 

Thank you for reading.

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