“Money is relative. The more money you have the more relatives you have.”  - Manny Pacquiao

If my mind is clear, I don’t worry about money. 

Every so often, I find people who insist that not having a lot of money is a cause of worry.

Often it’s a salesperson, trying to get me to spend on an upgrade or something I don’t plan to buy.

Sometimes, a recruiter, after I turn down a project, that requires more time than I’m willing to trade.

I have everything I want and need. I tell them. More would decrease instead of increase my happiness.

I recall sales training. I was taught that my purpose is to go after the best money can buy.

A house, in an expensive part of the city.

A car, that gets people envious. Maybe two.

World travel. First class all the way.

Retirement. Early, with enough passive income to perpetually party.

Legacy. Pretend I’m an emperor, and upon death, I bequeath my kingdom to an heir.

Charity. Like Stark or Wayne I fund the end of global warming or world hunger.

Boss tells me, if I fail to reach fifty million pesos, I’ll never be happy. So I chased money. Failed. Repeat. I looked forty at twenty four.

At twenty seven, got depressed and gave up. Last year, I started recovery.

People now insist I look young for a thirty year old.

The only question that mattered was, “How do I make more money?”

I needed to ask better questions.

What makes me happy?

Why the fuck do I need one million dollars?

If the first option is happiness with one million dollars, and the second option is unhappiness with no million dollars, what is the third option?

How can I be happy without the million dollars?

Can I use creativity to pay for some or a significant portion of my desires?

Entrepreneurs and Chefs, are known to borrow, rent, build tools or learn skills as an alternative to purchasing. What’s stopping me from doing the same thing?

Didn’t the Bible say God will provide for all my needs? Aren’t all my needs provided for? Why am I worried?

Am I just encouraged to worry to get tricked into buying something?

Consider this.

Owning enviable trophy items are expensive and the joy it brings, is often temporary.

Doing enjoyable things are fairly priced. In other words, affordable.

Being the type of person you want to be, costs little or nothing. Sometimes a few tools, a book or lessons.

Activities win over accessories, in terms of value for money for happiness.

What makes me happy, are the exact same activities that made me happy back in high school.

Here are some examples:

Eating food I enjoy.

I know how to cook now and restaurant meals that I enjoy costs less to prepare. On lazy days, I make do with two avocados, eggs and chicken.

Spare cash to pursue some hobbies.

I buy, ingredients, ink, paper, books and some tech.

Problems I find interesting to work on.

I do that with my writing for websites, tinkering with tech and learning to make videos.

Getting fit.

I do that with CrossFit,  cheap gyms, a jump rope, my bike, and some barbell plates.


Taking the gang out of town is overrated. I commute or take the bike for errands or to visit friends and Uber on dates.


We buy sushi at this nice place once a week and I’m happy with how things go. More than that, I imagine, would ruin the magic.

Companies trained my mind to jack-up the price of happiness. This is to convince me to buy or work for them.

Remember high school? I’m the kid that craved attention. I spent money to show off. I eventually gave up, became comfortable as myself and all is well.

Don’t try to be the cool kid. You already are, but only as your self.

Grab some paper. Write down what makes you happy. If you’re honest, happiness costs less than you think.

The price of happiness is honesty and not money.

Tony Robbins, leading expert in peak performance and trauma recovery, recommended that you pay attention to the following emotions:

  • Love and warmth.
  • Appreciative and grateful.
  • Curiosity.
  • Joy.
  • Excited and passionate.
  • Determined.
  • Flexibility.
  • Confidence.
  • Cheerful.
  • Healthy.
  • bonus: Contribution

Notice how these don’t cost money?

I keep this as a reminder to pay attention to the right emotions. If you have questions, just send me a message.

Thank you for reading.

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