My friend, Mau told me I'm a shopaholic. I replied "Guilty as charged"

I feel good buying things that I like. These can be clothes, gadgets, shoes, bags etc. the thing is I don’t spend a lot on them and I don’t buy that often. Impulsive buying caused me to become broke at the peaks of my income earning times.

I developed habits to prevent myself from overspending and I feel like I’ve developed a balance for being happy for buying what I want without excess.

If you’re interested in learning what I do you’re free to read on. This post will be very short. If not, feel free to go over the archives. The next post will come out sooner than you think.

Whenever I’m in a buying mood I ask myself:

Can I buy this in cash?

How often will I use this?

How long do I expect to use this?

Am I buying this because I really like it it is or because it’s the cheaper option?

Will I buy it brand new even if there are cheaper options?

What one or two items do I own will it be replacing?

Before or after the questions, I formed the following habits to prevent myself from overspending:

I canvas a lot

I buy after 60 days from the first day I decided to buy something

I procrastinate some more

I look for what I have or what I can get for free as an alternative for what I want to buy

I ask someone-I won’t get to do this as often now.

I ask other friends

I look for an excuse not to buy

I take a picture and sleep over it

Obviously, I try to avoid buying as much as I can and see if I could stick to just using what I have. In my experience there are only a few things that we can buy that will enhance our experience. In most cases our experiences are pretty overwhelming or pretty great as is.

Would you be willing to spend less to have more for yourself?

Thank you for reading.

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