Most people I talk to believe that their blessings will come from moving to a new job or country.

I always disagreed. I’m having a hard time imagining me telling myself that I didn’t get blessed because I live or work in this area. Sometimes there are exceptions but it can’t be for everyone right?

I moved around a lot ever since I started working. The grass always looked greener on the other side. The thing is whenever I let go of something like a job or a place I lived in, I get to appreciate it more for what it is. It looks greener when I’m looking at it from a different side. I see opportunities I never saw before and find better ways to do things. You can probably move a bit and check out your situation from a different view and see if you can get a similar experience.

In my experience, most blind spots are pretty close to us. Check out what you have from high ground or from far away and count your blessings. Maybe your desert is actually good location and things just aren’t what they seem right now.

Would you be willing to give your location another shot?

Thank you for reading.

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