I feel so bummed by this.

I hate my job often means, I suck at what I currently do. -Kevin Olega

A couple of months ago, I suddenly felt really lazy at work. Everything feels mechanical and I hate it. I wanted to give up and quit or do something else, not because my work suck but because I felt really really bored. I feel like I’m draging my feet to work and draging my self through the day. I decided to find a solution and if I can’t find a solution, I’ll give up and move on to the next job. I feel bad if my employers pay me and I’m unable to give them what they pay me for.

My first step was to try to clean up my desk. Remove all the clutter. I did the same to my computer and desktops.

I asked myself, what I liked about my job. After, I asked myself what I hated about my job. Then the answer came.

I hated making reports. I hated putting together a compliled list of stats that I track, like time in and time out and how many people I called and how many people said yes or no and stuff like that. I think it’s troublesome because I know that my employer pays me only for one thing, which is to sell their product.

I asked myself next if there’s a work around.

Did I learn a lesson in a different field that can deal with this?

I remember Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. He talked about how he became a minimalist by doing things bit by bit. One of my favorite lessons from his unclutter adventures was that instead of doing major clean-ups in the house he does very minor ones until his whole house is clean. He also gets rid of clutter by putting things to where they belong when he’s done using them instead of leaving it and cleaning it up for later. I told myself that I could use those lessons for this.

What do I enjoy doing that looks like what I’m doing and why do I enjoy it?

I like tracking results, but only to a certain extent. I generally like to know if what I did today contributed a small step toward what I want as I enjoy it. I use Nexus money to track my spending. I use iDone this as a diary of accomplishments and to remember what I did for that day. I like putting in data and see the results later at the end of the day or at the end of the week etc.

So my next question was how do I implement it all with what I am currently doing? Okay I work in sales and I hate sales reports. I have a call list and I have to input the data into my call report and I have to make a summary report from my call report and I find it very troublesome.

My solution is to turn my call list into a summary report. I added fields from the summary report as I make my calls so I don’t need to copy between the two files and I write my score on my summary report regularly. So instead of an entire hour of doing my summary report, I got to do my summary report in two minutes because I simply count how many and I’m done.

When I started doing the tasks I’m able to process 20-30 prospects per day and afterwards I’m able to process 100-200 in a day. Lasf Friday, I was able to reach 150 before lunch time.

Oh and lastly. I also hated how I have to wait before the prospect picks up and answers the phone so I solved it by playing music, audiobooks or a TV show in the background.

Find the specific things about what you don’t like to do to find a way to do it better. Draw inspiration from other sources and look for ways to implement them with what you do.


How do you turn things around when you don’t feel like working?

Thank you for reading.

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