What’s the minimum amount you have to own to be happy?

I mean, seriously? Whats the minimum. List it down to find out. It’s different for everybody. Here’s my list as an example. This is my target list of less than 100 items.

Bible Notebook and Pen Laptop (Later: Macbook Air maybe two years from now) Phone (Later iPhone maybe two years from now) iPod Touch (Recently acquired giving this away when I get an iPhone maybe 2-3 years from now)

1 work bag 1 bag for everything

Gray Jacket

Gray Works Shirt Gray Work Shirt White Work Shirt Pink and White Work Shirt

Purple Shirt Grayish Purple Shirt Red Shirt Green Shirt Blue Shirt White Shirt White Shirt White Shirt

Teal Tee Gray and White Tee Pink Tee Green Tee Gray Tee Maroon Tee

Belt Light Gray Jeans Gray Jeans Dark Gray Jeans Khaki Pants

Khaki Shorts Swim Shorts Checkered Shorts

Sanuk Shoes Black and Brown Shoes White and Gray Shoes Formal Shoes Havianas Slippers Havianas Slippers

Underwear 12 Pairs Socks 12 Pairs

The good news is that after a year I realized that I already own most of the things that I want. I’m not forcing myself to be content. I really am. Sometimes I doubt myself because of the marketing but I really am. I’m happy with what I have and in fact I’m trying to have even less because in my experience it’s less stressfull because less is manageable. It’s fun making the most out of a few things. I want to be able to live out of a bag. I’m about 90% there. What happens next? I wouldn’t know but I promise to tell you when I get there.

It’s almost Christmas. This is my list. What’s yours?

Thank you for reading.

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