How to Make Sure You Get What You Want When You Plan Once then Execute

Its easy to have a lot of plans. Its easy to create new plans when things don’t go your way. It’s easy to shift from plan to plan to plan to avoid getting things done.

Unfortunately, we stick to plans that are fickle and unimportant like, vacations, buying stuff, playing games.

A year ago I have a friend who approached me for advice and he told me he wants to improve his situation and want’s to study how to start a business. I told him he can get a job that affords him the skill to do so or attend seminars or study on his own online. He said he didn’t have the time nor the resources to do any of it even if he approached it little by little. I asked him what he intended to do and he just said he’d think of something so I told him to get back to me when he does and I’ll find a way to help him. A few months ago I found out that he used up his savings for a vacation out of town with some other friends and he’s back to where he was a year ago. It happened again with a whole bunch of other people.

Have you noticed that in unimportant situations we never give up, we rarely shift, we stick things out until the plan is executed.

Why not change your beliefs? Act on the important as if you’re acting on the unimportant. Play with it. Give up on the unimportant. Be fickle when buying luxaries and take forever to decide for unnecessary expenses. Procrastinate on checking online time wasters.

Enjoy the important, pursue it until it’s carried out. Getting the important done will result in you getting your vacation anyway. Plan once then execute.

Thank you for reading.

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