Thoughts written on the worlds most powerful pocket computer.

We all experience gadget envy. The latest iPhone made me feel that my recently acquired iOS device is inferior I’m many ways without the 8 megapixel camera and Siri. The truth is I’m perfectly happy with my 8gig iPod touch. The hype from the marketing is just getting to me. Being an early adaptor of new technologies, and a bit of a techie had something to do with this. My bestfriend was asking me if she should get me the 32gig iPod touch or the iPad 2 and I told her I’d be fine with this. When I downloaded the apps I realized that the smaller capacity is actually perfect. I only have enough room for the songs I like and the apps I use plus space to spare for watching a couple of movies on the fly. My first week of using the iOS device was fantastic. I was able to test about 200 apps for games, writing, productivity and you know, the works. With 8gig worth of free space and about 20 gig worth of apps I spent the entire week as a software tester. Frantically trying to figure out what to and what not to keep.

I didn’t get anything done. Save for learning to use my device well.

Most tech has certain barriers to entry for some reason but I now see it as something for our good in the end:

An ultra portable laptop is still heavy because I really dont need to bring it everywhere I go.

An iPhone is expensive because I need to work on increasing my income and reducing my expenses in order to acquire it. It also tells me that there are other things I’m sure I’d rather be enjoying than to focus on this toy.

Limited disk space in my personal hosting reminds me that I should build meaningful websites instead of spur of the moment topics.

Everything I hate about Facebook is a reminder that I have better things to do with my time than spending it all day in Facebook.

Steve jobs said in his commencement speech at Stanford university that death is a change agent that clears away all distractions and non essentials.

The way I see it, the disadvantages and limitation we have are what highlights the opportunities around us.

Having small space made me clear away the apps I don’t use regularly. I now only have a few apps left in my iPhone… I mean iPod touch.

Your resources are limited and pick your battles carefully. Make your own or use what’s available.

Thank you for reading.

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