Zombielane is an addictive game available on Google+ and appeared originally on facebook that is set in a post apocalyptic world where your goal is to survive through a zombie apocalypse. You start the game armed with a shovel to reclaim your zombie infested house and meet a trapped security guard who informs you that there are other survivors that need to be rescued and that other neighbors have barricaded their houses into a fortress and you can team up with them to survive in the now zombie filled world.

During a vacation I played the game on my spare time and I found it interesting that surviving a zombie apocalypse had useful lessons that also works well in a world without zombies.

Here are a few that I collected:

  • **Tip Number 1: Cardio-** You can't kill all of the zombies in the game and you have to out run and out maneuver them. It made me think about how I'd fare in real life if this really happened and I realized how unfit I am at the moment. This led me to reading the 4 hour  body by Tim Ferriss and I'm now doing experiments on it based on what I learned in the book.
  • **There’s always something to enjoy even if I feel like my world is going to hell - **my reality during while playing this game was nasty. I even blabbered about it in a previous post like a crybaby. Sure things can go to hell but there are still places that you can have fun. What are you doing with your life when things go crazy? The character in the game whacks zombies with a shovel, farms for food, barricades the house and goes on scavenging missions. On the side you can decorate your house and buy some neat stuff and eventually you'll have a partner and a dog.
  • **Whatever the situation right now it could be worse** - you are not being attacked by a horde of moving corpses who want to eat you on a daily basis.
  • **Every problem has a solution** - there are zombies in the game you can't kill with conventional weapons. Luckily you can use duct tape to attach a lighter to a water gun and fill it with gasoline and you have a home made flame thrower. Whatever the hell you're facing right now, you'll have a solution for it and I'm pretty sure without using more resources than what you have right now Being creative with what you have allows you to handle huge problems.
  • **Learn to find something enjoyable about the things you need to do** (if you dont feel like doing it)- Zombielane has missions that require you to scavenge candies from pockets of supermarket staff zombies, mow the grass, pick up trash and stuff like that. They use the term missions instead of mundane tasks. Then you'll get experience points, a reward and maybe level up. In real life you really do have an experience bar. You don't see it. But you do feel it when you level up. Things become easier as you learn to do it. This is not limited to whacking zombies with a shovel.
  • **Learn to be self sufficient - **a community is powerful but help does not arrive all the time. Learn to hold the fort on your own. Don't worry real life crisis isn't always to the death. You can take em!
  • **More things can be accomplished with others- **After learning to be independent team up with other independent people to do great things. I started doing so by offering some support to a few people then eventually I gained the support of a lot of people and now a lot of people are willing to help me for free when I need it. Support is not limited to sending fries, donuts, cola, energy drinks, shotgun shells, and grenades. You'll be surprised at how effective this is in real life.
  • **Give what you want to receive first**. - This is how I got support
  • **There assets that you only need to plant once and when you’re done you just need to keep harvesting. -** In the game you can plant apple trees that yield food, cash and some experience. In real life they can be anything, a skill, a business, a bank account. Learn to invest in worthwhile things.
  • **Time grows whatever you plant so plant more often**.-Yes Zombielane has a Farmville element.  So like in farming. You will reap what you sow. So sow things you'd like to reap and protect it from zombies.
  • **Your time is limited and what you can do is really limited**. When you reach a high level in the game your energy is limited to 23 actions. Life has about 24 hours in a day. You got to choose your battles carefully. Use your time and energy wisely.
  • **You can accomplish your quests eventually** - just work on what you can do right now. Do I need to explain this?
  • **Keep your dwelling clear and clean** - you’ll be relaxed by being efficient.
  • **The only way to know the result is by acting and seeing what happens next. - **Where's the fun in knowing everything that happens next?
  • **Games are fun places to learn** - know when to stop and work on what matters.

There you have it. What zombies do you need to whack with a shovel in real life?

Thank you for reading.

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