Kevin: I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse

You: So where do I sign?

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If you’re a natural leader you just lead yourself where you want to go. If you’re more comfortable as a follower or as a support person. Its a bit hard to go out on your own. It’s okay.

When you need to and absolutely have to lead yourself effectively. Here’s a trick you could use. Set up a condition. Write yourself a contract and follow it. Pretend its coming to a leader you admire. Your future self. Whatever. Follow it to the letter.

  • I won’t buy a gadget until i have an excess of cash
  • I’ll use what I have and do what I can  in every situation,
  • Buying is never an option unless its a life or death situation.
  • There are no life and death situations unless i have to rush someone to the hospital or weapons are pointed at me.
  • I’ll buy something after I’ve thought about it for 90 days.
  • 90 Days means 90 days after I saved up for it. (meaning 90 days after the cash is ready and i can pay in full)
  • This does not apply to food and groceries.
  • I try to me source instead of outsource.
  • My bank account will never fall below the amounts I set even if it kills me.
  • I have to volunteer to go first for things I’m scared of.
  • My first response is no because I am working on something important.
  • I simplify before I add.
  • I try to learn skills in favor of buying physical tools

As you can see these things are weaknesses I used to have. Write something up. Put it on paper. Be creative. Word it in ways that it compels you. Be patient. Work on a contract one at a time. Take things slow. I haven’t perfected my life yet but I’m pretty confident that things will turn out fine. I may have a hard time with discipline but when I absolutely need to I think of ways to steer myself in the right direction for as long as I have to. That’s a curse or a contract that I’ll follow to the letter.

Now come here and I’ll give you a high five, a hug, a boost or whatever you need you ambitious, hard working person, always looking for ways to move forward, you.

Thank you for reading.

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