Have you ever felt that you had no influence over a situation? Have you ever wished that you could just turn the tide of the battles you are in? Have you ever wished that you could magically affect your situation?

Well you’re crazy.

And so am I.

So I thought up and tested a solution.

You can curse yourself in a good way.

You curse yourself in a bad way most of the time and it works. You say things that are unhelpful like:

  • I suck…
  • I suck at…
  • I’m like this so I can’t…
  • I’m no **good** at…
  • X is always better than me at…
  • I grew up (some depressing statement) so I’ll end up (even more depressing statement)
  • I’m destined/doomed to… (oh I bet you use this a lot)

I’m sure that if you realize you’ve been doing this and the negative effects these have on your life. Not because the statements above are facts but because your mind is set to believe in it no matter what and that’s right, you guessed it, will work on heading in that statements direction no matter what.  Some people call this phenomena “Self-fulfilling prophesies”. As we try to navigate through life we talk to ourselves and try to pick the best course of action. This works most of the time. But sometimes we say something unhelpful to ourselves because of boredom or a bad experience or I really don’t know but I do know that  I do it and some people admit to doing this  often and as a result ruining their chance of going for their goals.

Q: Can I stop this occurrence? A: No. **It’s **part of your brain’s survival mechanism.

My suggestion is that you curse yourself. I believe that the best way to teach something is to show people yourself so I’ll skip the details and show you how I curse myself.

  • I am damned to figure out a solution to any problem I’m in.
  • Whether I like it or not things turn out in my favor.
  • I am doomed to cause my team to win.
  • My existence always contributes to who I’m supporting.
  • I took it a notch further. After all with great power comes great responsibility.
  • Since my presence cause victory to whatever side I’m in. I have to be careful about which side I chose because that side will win no matter what.

The self fulfilling prophecy usually works. Make sure you’re doing the right thing and these curses may take effect when you need it the most.Just be confident. Have faith that things will turn out fine and you’re good to go. Need more? Go curse yourself.

A person can’t really influence his/her situation. All he/she can influence is himself/herself then the result affects the result.

Now go curse yourself and mean it.

Thank you for reading.

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