When pain, trouble and other hurts hits us its easy to forget how blessed we are. It’s also easy to forget how powerful God is. Everything goes down the drain at one point. Some call this testing of faith. I called mine experiencing the book of Job but let’s not pay attention there.

Do you remember your first blessing? Do you remember the first few answered prayers? Do you remember the surprises that made you shout for joy? Do you remember when everyone said impossible and it happened? Do you remember the support you got when everyone else gave up on you? Do you remember how it pushed through while everyone else had given up or fallen off?

Guess what? This pain you’re feeling won’t end the flow of these blessings. Like all things this too is temporary. Stay in faith. Keep believing. Work on what your hand can reach and God prepares things in advance for you to meet you at your faith. You are greatly loved.

Always remember.

Thank you for reading.

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