fifteen minutes and I learned how to make three paper hearts and I was smiling the entire night.

I don’t want luxury I want mobility

I wrote this essay a couple of months ago and it got lost in the notes that I forgot to schedule. I hope that despite how some of my situation has changed this would still be valuable for you.

I used to have a goal of making a few million dollars in my lifetime by building a financial empire that rivals the local business tycoons.

That was a few years ago. Most of the people I interacted with back then were surprised that my priorities have changed.

I’m no longer obsessed with being a millionaire. I’m not in a rush to buy a house or a car or gadgets. I generally delay a purchase for sixty days or more. Living life first class all the way is no longer a priority.

What changed? No. I did not turn into a monk. My priorities changed.

Before I started working I was pretty happy where I was. Until I made my own money and advertising hit me full blast. I didn’t really need an iPhone back then or a car and a house. I was okay with what I had. I didn’t envy my extended family for living in luxury because I knew I could enjoy those things from time to time.

My story as my career progressed it had been keeping up with my dad’s success or my clan’s success or just keeping up with the tip of my circles. It’s tiring. Like a race without an end where my goal is to be the first or have the highest possible score. I realized that if I didn’t become aware of my intentions and my direction I would have continued this until I died.

Over time this approach became too much of a burden. You know the saying working jobs you hate to buy shit you don’t need to impress people that you hate? That was the story of my life. I believe in working smart so my goal was financial and time freedom. My initial image of it was that was a few dozen of thousands of dollars of passive income per month without doing anything. Doing so is more of a hassle than I expected, especially because I was trying to rush things.

My next question was that how can I enjoy life now without having to wait for several years or try to work myself to death?

I only enjoy a few things: Writing. Good food. Good conversations. Learning.

All these things don’t cost a lot of money.

What can I say? I’m a pretty lazy guy. That’s what makes me happy. I realize that I don’t need a lot of cash to enjoy those. I noticed a new luxury that attracted me more than the prospect of fame and fortune or even power. Mobility. It’s the ability to be anywhere at any time. I want to be where my partner needs to be and to support her and my future family. In terms of travel? I don’t think I need to see the world by sleeping in a first class suite. I just want to see the place, taste the food. I heard I can do that a lot for a lot less if I ditch the first class lodging.

From several thousands of dollars to a thousand dollar goal maybe aiming too low for productivity junkies. The thing is, I believe that if you’re pretty happy with what you do and you’re doing great work, the money will follow.

Would you want a life of luxury or mobility?

Thank you for reading.

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