I cleaned my room today. Changed a few things. I swapped beds for a smaller one around the the house. I have more space and things are more comfortable for me.

My mom didn’t like it. I thanked her for the feedback and kept the changes in my room. She didn’t like the old setup either.

I realize that every time we make changes in life, whatever value it has for us, usually, is invisible to the people around us at first.

I had a similar conversation with my mom a couple of years back. I was forcing her to adapt a grocery list because we get to plan our expenses, save money and time. She told me it was crazy and you should “know” and “have a feel” of what’s needed in the house. I went out with her a couple of weeks ago and she ha a grocery list. I asked her when she started listing things down? She said “ever since” I said “okay”.

You may have a good idea and people are rejecting it and it’s okay. They just don’t see the value yet. Being unable to see something does not always mean that that something does not exist in actual reality. Have faith and be patient. When they do catch on, they’ll be so in to it you might even get sick.

Do you have valuable ideas people find invisible?

Thank you for reading.

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