This is the other side of my room. The view from the bed. I took the picture with the iPod touch which I’m also using to write here.

A bit over a year ago I wrote about an empty room. In my post. the sweetness of doing nothing. Today I experience and realized the value of an idea with a formerly invisible value. If you check out the picture in the sweetness of doing nothing post. The setup is exactly the same as the one I have now. Readin through that post, I recall how much I wanted an empty room, to be able to live out of a bag and a whole bunch of other things. I now have it. I didn’t even realize. Changes really are minimal.

What to do with your ideas that have invisible value? Deliver. When you do, you bring the to reality and you experience the benefit. When people catch on like I’ve said in my previous post they might also benefit. It starts with us. Now let’s go.

What have you done with your ideas with invisible value?

Thank you for reading.

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