There was a time in my life where I wanted to cry. My life, you see, has never been ordinary. As I was growing up, there was conflict. I lacked specific skills most people had. I envied my peers because they had specific experiences that I never had. Some of those were things we couldn’t afford. I also lost some important things because I chose, what I believed to be the road to the higher path. Honesty and being true to myself got me into trouble a lot. So did doing the right thing and never giving up. People judged me for quitting on things that I felt were wasteful of my money or time. This also got me into trouble.

The thing is, my tale has never been ordinary. As I write this, I wanted to cry again. Then, I realized this only happens whenever I compare myself with others. Whenever I compare myself with others, I tell myself “I wanted my life to be ordinary” but you know what?

The alternate, if you can’t have ordinary, is to be legendary.

Thank you for reading.

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