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I’ve been unhappy and stressed lately. I’ve been unhappy a lot. I was not doing as well a few months ago but I was a lot happier. I have more things going for me these days but I’m starting to not care about my blessings.

A new acquaintance wanted to borrow money. I wanted to give him the whole amount. Then I got really stressed out. I get really stressed out a lot these days. But as I paused studying my situation and my response I realized what’s going on. I’m overloading myself again. I’m using my focused energies on things that I can ignore. I’ve been trying to do too much.

A nice car will cease to perform well when you load it up with weight that’s meant for a truck.

Here’s the advice. Do half. Do half of what you think you can do. You’ll end up doing something awesome in the process. I always did and I think you will too. Half is always better than nothing. Under performing forward consistently is better than paralysis due to stress or fear or forced movement. You can always add more once you are in motion.

Less means inching things forward. Inching things

Whenever you feel the weight is too heavy. Cut it in half as many times as needed then begin now.

On a side note half will make you feel like the anticipation and impatience is going to kill you but hey. Think about it. Go ahead and give yourself permission.

Do half. You’ll feel better.

Thank you for reading.

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