I’ve been staying in my bed longer than I want to be.

Instead of resting I’m thinking of my past mistakes and often how I wish my situation was back to the way it was.

I have no issues letting go of most things.

I find it difficult to let go of the few things I find valuable.

I consider partners like family and I grew up watching the Walt Disney animated film, Lilo and Stitch, that you’ll probably remember for the words:

“Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind. “

I lived my life taking great pains to never leave people behind.

I didn’t expect I’d be the one left behind.

Jesus got betrayed.

I tell myself.

Peter and Judas betrayed him.

Why should I expect to be dealt a better set of cards.

I imagine an imprisoned Hannibal Lecter spending his time in a memory palace.

A place in your head where you have access to memories and other things you memorized.

The thing is I’m not in prison. I’m a free man.

If we were to continue with the Hannibal Lecter reference, I’m “at large”. I’m free to do either amazing or terrible things with my freedom and the prison is in my mind.

I need to break out of it I tell myself.

I’ve failed so many times.

I’ll need to try something else.

As I plan my escape, I realize a few things I need to cut lose.

I used to think of this task as impossible.

Yesterday I learned that “impossible means taking a small step every day “.

Challenge accepted! I tell myself.

The mind mirrors the external.

Physical and Digital baggage manifests alongside mental and emotional baggage.

Cutting one aspect down will influence in the reduction in the other areas.

Sometimes living life feels heavy.

Decisions are difficult to make.

Priorities tend to get hazy.

Fear that we normally pass off as silly and childish suddenly feels crippling or life threatening.

What ends up happening is I don’t take action.

Whatever action that I take, it will often be half-hearted and we both know from experience that the results of half-hearted action are never satisfactory.

Here’s a nice set to tasks that you can practice.

Delete one photo.

The old ones I’ll never use.

Delete one song

The ones I don’t really listen to.

Delete one digital note.

I have too many unfinished an unused notes. I even have a gig worth of photo notes.

**Dispose of one physical item.

I have a lot of paper notes too. I have boxes and a bunch of things I don’t use.

Leave one extra item at home.

I tend to bring all my tech with me.

Skip one expense.

I spend too much eating out.

Skip one activity.

In my situation it’s the games.

1. Start one at a time.

Impossible means taking a small step every day.

You don’t need to do a lot to get started but you need to start to get to do a lot.

Just do a little. Every great thing starts with a small step.

2. Stop if you’re overdoing it.

You want to develop a consistency not burn out. 60% done every day long term is way better than 100% done once then you quit.

Consistency leads to more benefit and light activities lead to regular progress.

Don’t do a lot.

If you feel you’re overwhelmed do less.

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