I look at my journal and write down a week worth of dates on blank pages. That means I didn’t write anything on my journal again. I’ve been skipping writing. It means I’m just going with the flow again. I’ve lost my sense of self control. I just go with whatever these days. I watched the cash in my wallet dissappear as I lose my battle to impulse buying and impulse eating out.

I write to remind myself of who I am and what I want to happen because I seem to forget in the heat of the moment.

I seem to have stopped caring about consequence of neglecting my negative habits. I also have stopped caring about others. This is temporary. In time I will pick myself back up. That’s why I’m writing this. For my mind to follow. Our choices are influenced by how we percieve our identity.

I’m a gamer at a godlike level. I’m a high level starcraft and diablo 2 player. Over time I got told that.. 

**"If I'm so good in games, why don't I just manage my character in real life as a game character?"**

I was owning. Prior to playing online games I was..

  • **Learning how to code in Python by reading the book "Learn Pythin the Hard Way"**. </p>
  • **Quit smoking**. It was on and off then I learned to actually control it.

  • **Going to the gym regularly**. I have a personal bench press record of 220lbs at 10 reps 3 sets.

-**Doing a body weight experiment** Last record I had was 4,000 of 10,000 push-ups.

  • **Able to achieve zero debt and growing my savings.** </p>
  • **Awarded top sales at my job**

  • **Able to achieve one armed push ups**

  • **leveling up my cooking skills to perfectly imitate my cooking show influences like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal and Mads Mikkelsen.** 

  • **Biking** at least 30 km a week. 

  • **able to  prepare and hike through two mountains**. 

I eventually felt helpless. Out of energy. Out of willpower and out of resources. My attention and eventually my ability to get things done went to...

  • **Injustice: gods among us**. I have about 95% of the characters at either elite 6 or 7. </p>
  • **Plants vs Zombies 2** Defeated Zomboss across time on all versions.

  • **Summoners war** Level 27 and Two Awakend Five Star Monsters. Fire Inugami and Fire Samurai. Six awakened four strar monsters from all elements.

  • **Deadpool the game** I finished most of the game on hard mode despite the lag in my computer. 

  • **Tap Titans** I've unlocked all but the last character.

The thing with games are achievements has limited benefits. You can use it to teach yourself some principles that can apply to real life or perhaps get you interested or excited about a topic that was previously totally boring for you but that's as far as it goes. In a software sense it's not as cross platform as I'd like. The bragging rights involved in games are limited to wannabe players, newbie players and lower level players of the specific game that you mastered.  Without a doubt I'll reach maximum level at the said games. I already have in many games I've tried my hand on. What concerns me is that I noticed a trend in my life. If we were to use racing terms, I need to get out of a spin before I crash and burn. I am in a spin. I need to get out while I still can. I no longer have a partner to direct me or keep me on track. I need a little extra effort to keep sane.  Here's the short answer why you should quit that game now. 

**"Online games are interfering with my ability to play games in real life. "
-Kevin Olega**
You pay a tax when you play online games. Here are taxes I'm paying that I hadn't originally considered:
  • **attention** </p>
  • **interest**

  • **focus**

  • **time**

  • **willpower**

  • **money**

I feel like I don't need to explain each item. Take this moment to look at your life and try to remember how you lost each item to games. Games are not all that bad though. I don't recommend going cold turkey. I just recommend a long break. Even better, you can schedule a long break on a regular basis. Games are still beneficial and some of the skills are still transferrable. Here are concepts you should export from games into real life

  • **daily bonus**. If you play on a regular basis you stand to benefit more. The longer your battles the shorter your career so try to take a short game on a daily basis instead. </p>
  • **gets better as your level increases** If you ever feel disappointed at your results, consider improving your skill level. The higher your skill level is, the better your general experience.

  • **learn from high level players**. Look for people you admire and learn from them. Try to ger their advice and if you can't reach them just observe them and learn from what they do and what is written by/about them.

  • **not complicated to learn as you think**. In Tekken, winning a fight involves enough attacks to bring the other player's lifebar to zero. It's the right combination of attack combinations. There are generally four to six combos used and mixed up through the game. Combos are a combination of moves. To execute a move you follow steps. Just identify the steps and practice doing it on a regular basis until the combos are natural

  • **strategies and principles can be used in other areas**. If you play rock paper sissors, you can play Pokemon, Starcraft 2, Summoner's war and a bunch of games. If you played a fighting game or rpg game you can play other games. The same thing happens in real life. If you're good at something, you're likely to be able to be good at other areas as well.

I'd like to end with this.

**"Play your character in the right reality. The character in the real world and the spiritual one should be not the one leveling up."
-Kevin Olega** Thank you for reading. 

Thank you for reading.

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