My major goal for 2009 just took me a bit of saving up.

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My friend asked me recently about  the secret of career success so he can gain financial success. He makes a lot more than me but I think he’s asking me because I have a lot of experience working on projects for extra income and had worked as a financial planner.

At first I felt that I didn’t have the answers so I scrapped the idea of writing a blogpost about it. One afternoon upon waking from a nap the answer came.

Instead of working to increase your income work on yourself and teach yourself to spend less than you earn. Thats the answer.  Income is important but how you spend your income determines the end result.

I bet everyone knows this already. I bet you also heard that you should spend on savings (treat your savings as an expense by setting it aside before spending on your usual budget).

Not everyone does this though.

Ever wonder why insurance stastics say that only the top 1 percent of the population has most of the money and the top 5 percent of people have a little more extra cash than most people? The rest will be broke or have a really have a hard time making ends meet?

Its not the job. Its how the money is handled. Did you notice that rich people are really hard to sell to? Of course, they don’t buy things without any value. Which leaves them with some extra to buy assets and or investments in significant or large volumes. Its a lot easier because they dont spend a lot on things that don’t matter.

I’m starting to and maybe you should too.

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Thank you for reading.

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