This is me on another long-range bus ride. The person I’m meeting at the end of the ride makes the trip worth it.

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Two weeks ago, I wrote The Sweetness of Doing Nothing where I shared how I spent a weekend awesomely bumming around at my best friends house. Last week, I spent the weekend visiting my Grandma which was fantastic. I spent time talking to her and we did watch one TV show where she revealed to me that my other grandmother’s late older brother, Rogelio De La Rosa was a film star during her childhood days and was the star of the first “Maalaala mo kaya” film. I listened to her talk about how cool it was for her to find out that her grandchild was the descendant of her favorite celebrity. The statement didn’t mean much to me but it sure was great to just spend time with her and listen to her stories.

I spent the weekend writing and taking naps and I cooked for her. The best part? Literally doing nothing most of the time. This made me realize that I should be more thankful with what I have and I should spend more time with people rather than the useless pursuit of hoarding cash and stuff to be happy. You can burn all my cash and take all my stuff but the time you didn’t spend with people who matter can’t be gained back. Tyler said “this is my life and its ending one minute at a time” Time to end mine with people who matter.

Need a list?

  • Just try it.
  • Screw going to the mall.
  • Don’t buy anything.
  • Don’t watch a DVD
  • Don’t go online.
  • Go home.
  • Spend time talking to your Grandma (or someone really important to you)
  • Spend time doing nothing. (with yourself, God, or someone really important to you)
  • No gadgets please

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