A lot of my goals are related to owning things.

In the past years, little by little, I added abilities and positive traits.

Being able to cook my own food is a useful and I have benefited from it.

Being confident to take the bike on the road for traveling under 20 km is useful for me.

Becoming a minimalist enabled me to travel lighter and spend less time cleaning up and organizing has been beneficial.

Being fit by exposing myself to weightlifting, calisthenics and CrossFit has helped me out.

Being calm through meditation is one of the things that I added to the list and I have benefited from it to some extent but I haven’t put enough time and attention to it as I originally intended.

I later realized that this can be a goal too.

Having monk like focus is useful because I am often distracted by so many little things.

Here are some steps I’m trying to implement as often as I can.

Start a to do list at the end of the day.

Just jot down what I need to do throughout the day and organize it on one page before I log off from work, leave the office or coffee shop or head to bed.

Review your to do list at the start of the day.

A quick glance at what I need to do to remind myself of what is needed will help me direct my energies through out the day.

Meditate for five minutes a day.

Meditation seems to charge my mind with calm and focus, whenever I practice it. Whenever I don’t, it doesn’t help me. This part is honestly a struggle for me.

Do some exercises.

Fifty to a hundred push-ups, squats and burpees will help me have the energy to stay focused. However, like meditation it only works when I do it. This part has been a struggle for me as well. I’m relatively fit now compared to how I was a year ago and my motivation is a little less in this area and I struggle more. I am still finding my way in this area.

Thank you for reading.

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