I don’t always feel productive.

When I don’t I noticed a lot of key areas in my life that are not optimal.

Whenever I catch myself being unproductive I do check this short list of my status.

These words are often scribbled on a post it note or an index card.

Happiness Level Breathing How do you feel? Meditate? Is your space organized? Do you require a nap?

Here are the details.

Happiness Level

What is my happiness level?


I check my breathing. I take deep breaths and correct my posture at the same time. A few deep breaths are enough to give me some more energy.

How do you feel?

What am I feeling at the moment? What do I need? Then I take care of that.


I close my eyes and take deep breaths. I sometimes use beads to time my progress and sometimes I use a guided meditation app like Headspace or Buddhify.

Is your space organized?

This is a key part. If a space is not orgainized then chances are, my thoughts are scattered. I do my best to clean up my physical and my digital space everyday.

Do you require a nap?

Sometimes I need a fifteen minute nap. I set my timer and take a short nap in my room when I can.

I am usually up and running after discovering that I’m good with a couple of these areas.

What about you?

Thank you for reading.

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