A cool person is a man of few words except for perfectly timed smart ass comments. Keeps his composure in a poker face and does not sing or dance. -Kevin Olega (high school till his early twenty-something years)

I’ve recently looked at my collection of songs and I’ve been thinking about getting an mp3 player for myself and a friend. I was thinking about the price of how much it would cost if I set up the phone I’m using or by getting a new one. It’s not that I can’t buy one but I’ve been delaying the purchase for a while now because I know that my money has better places to be, like my savings account.

On a bus ride home the traffic was crazy, and I told myself that “I sure wish I bought an iPhone already.” Then I reminded myself of my priorities and goals and my head turned into one hot debate room. Reasons why I should and why I shouldn’t buy flooded my head which made the bus ride even more stressful.

Then I hummed.

Thinking of the lyrics: Dwelling on the past It's burning up my brain. Everyone that burns has to learn from the pain. Hmm hmm hmm hmmmm Hmm hmm hmm hmmmm Should I be feeling bad? Should I be feeling good? It's kinda sad that I'm the laughing stock in the neighborhood But you'd be thinking I'd be moving on. But I'm a sucker like I said fucked up In the head. An maybe she just made a mistake. I should give her a break my heat will ache either way. What' the hell do you want me to say. I won't lie that I can't deny.

Then I sang something else. I kept singing for a bit over an hour. I’ve been thinking about my dependence on technology or streaming music to entertain myself. I’m thinking of getting back to learning to play the guitar. I tell myself its a cheap trick to improve singing skills by ditching an mp3 player.

I got off the bus. Walked a bit.

Teleported then leaped toward a moving jeepney. The back row was startled. I continued singing. Two cute girls stared at me with a smile. I struggled to pretend to ignore them and continued.

I continued singing for another 30 minutes in the grocery and on the 20 minute walk home. My day was brighter.

You’re probably thinking. “What the heck is this guy smoking?”

I turned a nasty part of my day into a magical musical.

My question is: “What the heck are you smoking? Why aren’t you singing and smiling?”

Thank you for reading.

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