I live with less than 100 things although I usually live with around 60-70 items at a time. The goal of this exercise is to free myself from mental clutter and to be able to live and work from anywhere and not the number. At this point I’m pretty location independent I can bring all my stuff in 2 bags and pack in under 15 minutes unlike my previous self.

Bible (small black and light to fit my bag) Laptop (Fujitsu Lifebook Ultra Portable Laptop with cover and charger as payment from un-billed professional fees don’t ask how I got it) USB Thumb drive (from Czarina) Cameraphone (Nokia 6280 with charger from ) Notebooks (one large notebook from corona and a fat little notebook by mead) Pens (Pilot G2 and Blue Pilot V5) Bag (Medium Black Leather by Esprit) Belt (I only have one from memo) Money clips (from sm and from dad) Gray Jacket (Christmas gift from and Giordano) Formal Jacket (Black Semi- Trenched coat from merger the first thing I bought with my first six figure income and the only item left from that period I might let go of this soon) Ninja Umbrella (Large Compact -good for 3 people by Fibrella) Gray and white striped shirt (from Gap from shopping with mau) Green Shirt (from forever21 from shopping ) Pink Red Shirt (Collared from forever21 from shopping ) Purple Shirt (Collared from folded and hung) Purple Gray Shirt (Collared from folded and hung) Red Shirt (Collared from Allan) White Shirt (Collared Nike from Allan) Maroon Shirt (I just found this at home and assumed ownership by old navy) Gray Shirt (I also found this at home and assumed ownership by Gap) Teal Shirt (From Thea’s Singapore Trip) Khaki Cargo Shorts (need to be replaced) Checkered Shorts (From Shopping Spree with Mau) Board/Swim Shorts (For Swimming trip) Sleep Shorts (From the time I was a kid) Sleep Shorts (From the time I was a kid) Sleep Shorts (From the time I was in High School) Blue Green Shirt (Found this at home and assumed ownership by abercombie and fitch) Gray Work Shirt (by g2000) Gray Work Shirt (by g2000) Gray Work Shirt (by uomo) Gray and white Work Shirt White and Pink Work Shirt (by g2000) Pink and white work shirt White work shirt Blue Work Shirt (by g2000) Work Pants (from the local department store) Work Pants (from the local department store) Work Pants (from the local department store) Khaki Pants (from memo) Light Gray Jeans (from people are people) Dark Gray Jeans (from memo) Black Jeans (from hang ten and shopping spree with mau) Socks (more than one pair from a lot of sources) Slippers (indoor – brown by havianas I use this indoors to preserve it’s life, previously used outdoors) Slippers (outdoor-blue and white by havianas my mom goes crazy when I use this pair indoors) Sanuk Shoe looking Sandals (from shopping spree with mau) Work Shoes (from salvatore mann) Black and Brown Casual Shoes (from payless) White Shoes (from payless from shopping) Red Shoes (Chuck taylors by converse – I need to untether from this since I don’t use it a lot) Underwear (more than one pair) Can Opener (a gift from Ralph) Small Spoon (From Carlo’s Wedding I didn’t steal it it was a wedding giveaway) Starbucks Tumbler Fat Pillow (from closet also assumed ownership) and Human Sized Pillow Sized at least) Mattress (I actually have 2 one on top of the other) Bed sheets and Pillow Covers (Gray, Green Gray and Tan-assumed ownership) Pictures and Older List Links soon.

As of April 2011 this is everything I own.

Personal Care Products

Face Wash (Pure Cleansing Gel by Nu Skin) Toner (Ph Mattefying toner by Nu Skin) Toothpaste (24 hour Anti-Plaque Formula by Nu Skin) Deodorant (Nivea Spray thingie) Soap (by nivea, dove for men, nu skin) Razor (Schick disposable – decided to use this after losing 4 Gilette mach 3?s) Galvanic Spa 2 (I don’t use it a lot anymore, only for events where I have to look super fresh) Online Tools I’m Using

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