One benefit of owning a website is it allows me to build pages that will serve as my default response for different situations.

For example, I have a “Now Page” that has information on what I’m doing now.

Here’s the link to my now page.

But that’s not what I want to discuss on this post.

I later decided to create a “no page.”

I share the link to my “no page” to say no to invitations and requests.

Resources are limited.

Time and attention are equally as important as money for me.

Whenever someone invites me to look at an “opportunity” I just send them a link to my “no page.”

Here’s the link to my first “no page”.

Here’s the link to my second “no page”.

NOTE: I understand that different situations will require a different no page so I’ll be adding more no pages my situation changes.

Thank you for reading.

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