What’s your advice for anyone who suffers from depression and anxiety, What do you do to minimize stress that can cause depression and panic attacks?

I’m including some free and paid solutions that I experimented with.

Free Option:

Get enough sleep.

100 jumping jacks + exposure to sunlight upon waking up.

50 burpees.

Breathing Exercises

Headspace App - Don’t upgrade to premium.

Journalling - Write about what bothers you.

Deadlifts or Back Squat




Omega 3 (less expensive) or Krill Oil (more expensive)

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Medium rare or rare Steak or Lamb Chop

CrossFit, Boxing or Kickboxing class.


Do you have a job?

Are you happy with your income?

Do you feel competent or skilled at your work?

Do you feel valued by your boss and coworkers?

Do you have a partner?

Do you have friends?

Do you have people who support you in moving your personal goals forward?

Is your living space clean, neat and organized?

Do you have a consistent sleep and wake schedule?

Are you consistently getting over 7-9 hours of sleep in the evening?

Do you consume a diet that is predominantly fat and protein?

How much junk food or fast food have you eaten in the last 72 hours?

Thank you for reading.

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