Consider implementing a no zero policy in your life.

For your important activities, always do a minimum of one small thing every day.

One is better than zero.

After ten years, that’s 3,650 tiny activities that pushed you forward in your goal.

Make and keep your promise that:

There should be no day that you did nothing to move your goals forward.

If success is the progressive realization of a predetermined and worthwhile ideal, then faulure is…

Making zero progress with any of your predetermined ideals.

That’s where depression comes from.

That’s where self doubt comes from.

Write one sentence.

Do one push up.

Do one squat.

Do one pull up.

Do one rep of that activity that you promised you’d be great at.

Just make sure there is something.

Write one short journal entry.

One of the most embarrassing things to think about when you’re older is “where did all my time go?”

Do one small thing to move your goals forward today.

Thank you for reading.

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