I see writing as problem solving on paper.

I’m an introvert and poor communicator.

I’ve found myself losing many opportunities in socially awkward situations.

I’ve been good at games but not so much in real life.

I realize that in real life, there is no restart.

There’s no other option but to keep moving forward.

The closest thing I have to a restart button is to reflect on the situation and find the solution to where exactly I messed up.

If I did this process in my head, the whole ordeal becomes extremely painful, stressful or overwhelming.

But if I processed my thoughts on paper or a text editor, I am able to see things a little more objectively.

Back in school, I was incredibly arrogant for trying to answer mathematical problem solving questions in my head.

But when the questions exceed a certain number of digits, the use of pen and paper becomes incredibly useful.

Later on, I somehow connected that real life problems are more complex than the problem solving we’re asked to do in school so I developed the habit of writing things down.

And every now and then, I discover interesting points of view.

Writing has been a very useful tool for me in my career.

I encourage you to write more than you’re currently willing to if you want to move forward to greener pastures.

Thank you for reading.

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